Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings to help facilitate interactions between people in two or more languages. One party speaks and pauses while the interpreter speaks, waits for a response, and then interprets the response back to the original speaker. We also have the technology to provide consecutive interpretation remotely when in-person interactions aren’t possible. Our interpreters are experts in conveying meaning in an efficient and professional way.

consecutive interpretation

How does consecutive interpreting work?

What is consecutive interpreting? The consecutive interpretation definition explains that the speaker says a sentence or two, then pauses while the interpreter repeats them in another language. It can take place in person, over the phone or via video conference.

This headline consecutive interpreting definition has a range of additional elements within it. For example, in some situations the consecutive interpreter will take notes, while in others they won’t. There are also different forms of consecutive interpretation. In short consecutive interpreting, the speaker will pause every sentence or two. In long consecutive interpreting, the speaker will continue for longer before pausing, often delivering whole thoughts and then allowing the interpreter to provide the consecutive translation.

These interpreters can facilitate partnerships, working between businesses that don’t speak the same language. They can help speakers to present to small audiences.

There are also plenty of business to customer (B2C) uses for consecutive interpreting, as well as business to business (B2B) ones. Healthcare providers whose patients speak different languages, for example, often rely on a consecutive interpreter with specialist medical knowledge to facilitate conversations. I’ll talk more about the scenarios that consecutive interpreting is suited to below, but first let’s just clarify the differences between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Reduce costs

With remote work becoming normalized, traditional interpretation costs are no longer relevant. Now you can skip the equipment rentals, expensive flights and unnecessary accommodations. 

Eliminate barriers

With real-time interpreting solutions, you can stream to any participant, on any web conferencing platform (like Zoom), on any device. 

Save time

We know some meetings may occur spontaneously. Our RSI solution offers a quick interpreting turnaround time, with professionals being assigned and briefed within days. 

We bring the interpretation solutions to you

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Full-time, dedicated customer support from our dedicated team


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Online tracking system and account management

Online and onsite training from a certified partner when required

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