Educational Interpretation Services

Classroom interpreting is more than just knowing how to sign competently. Interpreters must process language quickly and accurately, and they must think about spoken English and sign language simultaneously. Interpreting is also about being able to support the educational goals and outcomes as defined by the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Public Education

When it comes to schooling, our children deserve access to the same resources and materials that will enable them to succeed. Whether your students are Deaf or English Language Learners, we have interpreters to meet your needs. 

Job Training

Effective job training can be the difference between long-term retention of employees and higher levels of productivity. This is often overlooked in business, but can help as you expand globally or have diverse workforces. 

Higher Education

As higher education seeks to be more inclusive and diverse, colleges will need to accommodate students with interpretation needs. More and more students are in need of interpretation services to have a full understanding of their education. 

Interpretation interaction annually

Average seconds for interpreter connection

Interpreters available at any time


Interpretation accuracy

A better approach for business professionals

Reduce costs

With remote work becoming normalized, traditional interpretation costs are no longer relevant. Now you can skip the equipment rentals, expensive flights and unnecessary accommodations. 

Eliminate barriers

With real-time interpreting solutions, you can stream to any participant, on any web conferencing platform (like Zoom), on any device. 

Save time

We know some meetings may occur spontaneously. Our RSI solution offers a quick interpreting turnaround time, with professionals being assigned and briefed within days. 

Helping to bridge the gap

Educational interpreting is a complex task requiring expertise and experience. Not only do our interpreters know the language, but they also understand the subject matter being discussed. We offer simultaneous interpreting or consecutive interpreting, depending on your needs and the audience size.

How it works

Get connected with ease

Any language, any time


Whenever a person speaks, their voice and image are streamed live to a remote interpreter. 


The interpreter’s speech is transmitted to a RSI platform where it can be transmitted to the audience.


As they listen, the interpreter uses a quality headset and microphone to translate and communicate the message in real-time.


The audience can easily connect to the RSI platform with a computer or mobile device to hear the speaker in their preferred language.

Real-time video and audio delivers live interpretation anywhere, anytime, on any device

We bring the interpretation solutions to you

Advanced features such as Browser calling and native Mobile App support

Traditional IVR Menu system for Landline Phones


Full-time, dedicated customer support from our dedicated team


Filter-based connections with qualified interpreters

Detailed customized usage reports

Performance improvement through service reviews


Online tracking system and account management

Online and onsite training from a certified partner when required

Are you ready interpret with a partner that cares about your communication and user experiences?