CART Services (Communication Access Realtime Translation)

By leveraging a combination of a steno machine, a computer and unique software, the CART captioner writes the spoken word in real time for classrooms, meetings, or any other event. We then immediately turn it into text using CART software. 

Why use CART Services?

Although CART is commonly used by those who are deaf or hard of hearing, it is also becoming an excellent tool for English Language Learners. In addition to helping these communities, CART services can support those with attention deficit disorder or those who have a disability where note-taking is difficult. 

How it works

For on-site CART services, a captioner will come to your event. For remote CART services, the captioner is offsite and the text appears on your personal computer or projector screen at the consumer’s location by streaming text to an internet URL for viewing. For both on-site CART and remote CART, text can be displayed on large screens for the benefit of many using using projection CART.


A certified CART captioner instantaneously translates what is spoken word-for-word into text that can be viewed in various forms.


Text can also be displayed by overlaying two lines of text on a PC or other device with Text on Top technology.


The near verbatim text can be displayed on computers, monitors, mobile devices, or projection screens.

Onsite or Remote

Our team of captioners offers CART on site and remotely for large or small events to ensure you have the communication you need.

When should you use CART services?











Court Hearings

Funeral Services

Real-time video and audio delivers live interpretation anywhere, anytime, on any device

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