Benefits of Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) has been around for many years. This method of interpretation involves a three-way call consisting of an interpreter and the two parties in need of interpretation services. The interpreter works to translate the conversation between the two parties from one language to another. If used correctly, OPI ensures that both parties communicate and receive accurate information promptly.

Many people prefer over-the-phone communication for transmitting urgent information quickly. This is one reason why OPI remains high in popularity in the world of interpretation. Countless businesses rely on rapid communication to stay successful and profitable. However, there are multiple other benefits attached to OPI services.

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of using over-the-phone interpretation services.


In general, phone interpretation is very cost-effective. In comparison to on-site interpreting, the cost reduction is astounding. Rather than hiring (and paying for) full-time on-site interpreters who may or may not be needed during a particular day, businesses can elect to work with a language service provider (LSP).

An LSP can provide companies with professional OPI services round-the-clock. This process ensures the business only pays for the time it actually needs interpreting services. In addition, OPI isn’t tied to many of the costs that on-site interpretation is commonly attached to, such as reimbursement for interpreter accommodations and commuting costs. Each of these costs might seem trivial, but they can quickly add up for the business.


As previously stated, OPI can be conducted at any time of day, 24/7. Businesses are never left without interpreting services, even at the shortest of notices. This benefit of OPI is extremely valuable to industries with a high probability of dealing with emergencies, such as the medical field. OPI contributes to faster response times and fewer miscommunication errors, which is great for all industries, but vital for healthcare facilities.

Call centers are also a natural choice for the implementation of OPI. Call centers exist to support customers of all backgrounds, including non-English speaking customers. With over-the-phone interpreting, all customers can pick up their phone and get the answers they need, regardless of their native language. Additionally, call centers receive the benefits of improved efficiency and increased productivity among their staff.

Quality Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

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