3 Ways in Which Interpretation Technology Is Evolving

Advancements in interpretation technology continue to emerge in the language services industry. And, this new technology is paving the way for faster and more cost-effective interpretation services. For example, many interpretation services that previously required face-to-face interaction are now offered as an entirely virtual experience. Below, we’ll touch on three ways interpretation technology is evolving and impacting the language services field for the better.

Growth in VRI Services

With internet access improving and becoming more affordable worldwide, it comes as no surprise that video-remote interpreting (VRI) services are prevailing. VRI services are attractive to many businesses, as they are often an easy way to cut costs without sacrificing interpretation quality. VRI is also an on-demand service, so it ensures that everyone can access real-time, qualified interpreters no matter the time of day or situation at hand. Plus, the technological addition of high-quality video allows for vital visual cues not to be missed, which is a noticeable benefit compared to over-the-phone interpretation.

Better WiFi Connectivity

WiFi can be easily argued as one of the best advancements in technology, period. As WiFi has improved over the years and become more secure, the demand for virtual private networks (VPNs) is decreasing. This development is huge for VRI services, as one of its largest drawbacks is the required level of internet connectivity needed for adequate speed, security, and accuracy in interpretation. However, with better WiFi connectivity, more industries are open to using VRI since it no longer necessitates any investment in costly and sometimes unreliable VPN systems.

Innovation in the Cloud

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the norm for accessing language interpretation services. This functionality allows every individual to connect to interpreters from all over the world within seconds. This is yet another way technology is changing the language services industry, as the cloud is the key to providing a smooth and error-free interpretation experience across devices. All three of these technological advances coexist and collaborate to make interpretation services more accessible to the people who need them most.

An LSP That Understands Interpretation Technology

As interpretation services continue to rapidly evolve, it is critical to partner with a language services provider that understands interpretation technology and can adapt to change. At Interpretation Services, we honor these advancements in technology, and we are committed to providing the best interpretation experience to our clients. Contact us today and leverage our technology and powerful human network to produce predictable and sustainable growth. You can learn more about all of our interpretation services here.