Interpretation Services

Getting you connected in real time

Onsite Interpretation

Our onsite interpretation software management system empowers organizations to seamlessly communicate and understand each other. Trained interpreters support any face-to-face interaction to meet the exacting and demanding needs of our clients.


Over the Phone Interpretation

Our advanced, flexible system enables you to interpret any language, any location, any time. Our communication system allows you to connect with a qualified interpreter within 30 seconds. Now you can leverage technology to communicate and ensure consistent growth.


Video Remote Interpretation

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) takes communication to the next level of engagement and understanding. When on-site interpreting isn’t practical, VRI technology from Interpretation Services is the ideal method for experienced, real-time language access.


Sign Language Interpretation

Bringing people together is what we do. Hundreds of thousands of people in the deaf community need access to high quality interpreters for events, conferences, meetings, healthcare and so much more. Our technology and interpreters have made it easier than ever to bridge the communication gap.


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is generally used for large conferences and meetings, or in situations where two or more languages are required and the audience has mixed language requirements. Sometimes called UN-style interpretation, interpreters are isolated in booths and listen to the speaker through a headset. 

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings to help facilitate interactions between people in two or more languages. One party speaks and pauses while the interpreter speaks, waits for a response, and then interprets the response back to the original speaker. 

Remote & Real-time

Do you prefer communicating using a platform like Zoom? Our real-time simultaneous interpretation (RSI) and correlating services will connect and resonate with diverse audiences anywhere, anytime. We can support any situation, including large events, business meetings, conferences or seminars, and more. 

Conferences & Events

Businesses can now be more inclusive as they host events and conferences. Whether remote or in-person, we have the technology and network of interpreters to support your needs. With real-time interpreting solutions, you can stream to any participant, on any web conferencing platform (like Zoom), on any device.